AV-RIR: Audio-Visual Room Impulse Response Estimation (CVPR 2024)

University of Maryland, College Park, USA


Accurate estimation of Room Impulse Response (RIR), which captures an environment's acoustic properties, is important for speech processing and AR/VR applications. We propose AV-RIR, a novel multi-modal multi-task learning approach to accurately estimate the RIR from a given reverberant speech signal and the visual cues of its corresponding environment. AV-RIR builds on a novel neural codec-based architecture that effectively captures environment geometry and materials properties and solves speech dereverberation as an auxiliary task by using multi-task learning. We also propose Geo-Mat features that augment material information into visual cues and CRIP that improves late reverberation components in the estimated RIR via image-to-RIR retrieval by 86%. Empirical results show that AV-RIR quantitatively outperforms previous audio-only and visual-only approaches by achieving 36% - 63% improvement across various acoustic metrics in RIR estimation. Additionally, it also achieves higher preference scores in human evaluation. As an auxiliary benefit, dereverbed speech from AV-RIR shows competitive performance with the state-of-the-art in various spoken language processing tasks and outperforms reverberation time error score in the real-world AVSpeech dataset.

Supplementary Video


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